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March 2010 to Now
Conference organized Date Speaker
HIV/AIDS Conference via Zoom webinar
27 February 2021
First International Conference on Innovation in Nursing Education and Patient Care
(Run-down of Scientific Programme)
15-16 March 2019
Mira Hotel, HK
1. Prof. Tracy Levett-Jones
2. Prof. Violeta Lopez
3. Dr. Kin CHEUNG
FMSHK: Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 -“Medical Advances in Community Health”
7 Oct 2018
32th AGM meeting
28 April 2018 Ms Chan Po Yin, Vivian & Dr. Lee Lok Sze, Rebecca
31st AGM meeting 22 Apr 2017
CGN Inaugural Conference
27 May 2016
30th AGM meeting
16 April 2016 Dr. Tsang Fan Kwong
Four Places Cross Strait Nursing Conference
4 & 5 December 2015
29th AGM meeting
18 April 2015 Professor Judith Parker
The 5th Macao-Hong Kong Nursing Conference
Patient Safety and Nursing Quality
29 November 2014
28th AGM & symposium
Enhancing Patient Safety Through Good Quality of Services
26 April 2014 Mr Vincent Pau
Mr Edwin Tsang
Dr Lui
Mr Lam Chi Yau
The 27th Anniversary Symptom
Enhancing Patient Safety:Implications for Nursing Education
13 April 2013  
The 26th Anniversary Symposium
Clinical Outcomes and Advanced Nursing Practice
14 April 2012  
The 25th Anniversary Symposium
Nursing Specialization and Advanced Practice
8 April 2011  
The 24th Anniversary Symposium
Extending the Professional Practice Boundary of Nurses
20 March 2010  
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